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Your Good Will Speak For Your Children

Unexpected Numbers

Welcome to this week’s pastor’s corner taken from the book of PROVERBS 20:7 which says, ” The righteous man walks in his integrity; His children are blessed after him.”

Beloved, wisdom would teach us today, that as parents we should always look forward to walking in righteousness before God, as it can also open up a well of blessings for our children.

Righteousness does not only add value and acceptance to our Christian walk but bring us in favor before God and becomes the yard stick with which our children are blessed. Children will take after what they see, both good and bad. But the bad they don’t see can still effect them, on a spiritual consideration that nothing secret is hidden from The Lord.

Many of the pains our children have to suffer today are as a result of not properly considering the effects and consequences of anything we do, not minding the effects it may bring upon our innocent children. Yes, what we do right can bring good things and what we do wrong can as well bring bad and evil things which may effect all others. Whatever we as people do, either right or wrong registers for all to see. PROVERBS 20:11, says “Even a child is known by his deeds, whether what he does is pure and right.” For example a thief with children- his children will be referred to as the children of a thief. A good man, his children will be referred to as the children of a good man. A malicious stigma was left on the innocent Jepthah in Judges 11:1-2 where he was referred to as the son of a harlot, which almost denied him of his inheritance with his brothers because of the mishaps of his parents. Psalm.112:1-4 puts the children and descendants of the righteous in direct pathway of blessings, wealth and riches because of the righteousness of the parents.

It is therefore my prayer that we as parents walk in righteousness before The Lord, and your children shall be mighty on the earth and their generation shall be blessed. Till we meet again next  week, continue to please The Lord.

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