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Welcome to this week’s pastor’s corner taken from the book of Hebrews 4:12a which says, ““For the Word that God speaks is alive and full of power…” 

Beloved, the Word of God has the power of fulfillment resident within itself. First conception or announcement through intimacy, afterward comes the manifestation or fulfillment of the thing announced. The time between conception and birth is known as the gestation period. This is the time when God is preparing the blessing for you.  The gestation period can vary in length; it can be days, months or even years.  No matter how long or how short the period, development is the process between conception and birth. When the Father says, “I’m watching over My Word to perform it”, it’s already targeted and released to its destination and now awaits the development and timing for bringing it forth.

The Father watches,  He’s alert, attentive, and acting on His Word. In Isaiah 55:11 he says that His Word shall not return to Him void…” Void of what? Void of accomplishment, fulfillment, and prosperity. When God sends His Word it is always for our good; even when it hurts, it corrects and heals. Nurtured by faith and patience, it is formed in the heart or spirit of man and birthed at the appointed time.

 Therefore it is our prayer that as you wait upon the manifestation of God’s promises for your life that you will remain steadfast in prayer and faith. Has He not said it, will He not do it? Until next week, calvary blessings upon you.

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