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Thank You

Dearly beloved, in this week pastor’s corner we would like to thank everyone of you who have allowed these words of wisdom to affect and effect change in your lives.

Our pastor’s corner have been geared towards empowerment, upliftment,  direction to consider, steps to take and furthermore how to walk more closely in wisdom with others and in life. I for one have been so blessed by your kind responses and acceptance, with the knowing that this has been used for your edification to promote a healthy Christian life, for which we are greatly     thankful to The Lord for giving us such a resource.

We do further encourage you to please continue to listen, and make our “pastor’s corner” a tool for your Christian guidance. Precious are the words of wisdom coming from the mouth of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ-talk about them to loved ones, advise your children with them, cherish them like ornaments on the neck of one, for they shall never fade away.

Thank you, thank you-again we say thank you for being a part of the CIIM family. Wisdom salutes you. Till we meet again next year, we wish you a prosperous and healthy new year.



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