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For the Love of Money

Beloved, I want to ask– Would you like to be rich? Many people believe that more money would solve a whole lot of our problems, and it probably could but we often forget that wealth can also create a lot of problems as well. The worship of money can result in materialism, deception and an evil heart. When this letter was written by James there were men who were using their wealth for selfish purposes and were persecuting the ones who helped them to get it. Yes, money is a defense but true happiness and contentment depend on the true riches of God’s grace, not on our earthly wealth as some would have you believe today.
One thing we need to understand is that money itself is not evil! The Bible does not teach that possessing money is sinful or wrong, in fact, Proverbs 10:22 says ‘The blessing of the LORD makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it.’ This would imply that God wants us to be rich but the problem that comes with money is the Love of money. God does not determine your spiritual growth or your faith by how much money you may or may not have.

Therefore it is our prayer that as you seek to obtain riches that you will obtain them for the right reason– to advance God’s kingdom, to care for those in need and to support your family and ministry. Until next week, Calvary blessings upon you!

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