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Do Good


Welcome to this week’s pastor’s corner taken from the book of PROVERBS 3:27 which says, “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do so”.

Beloved, it is awesome to know that we have been created for every good work.  As such, it is important to live according to the nature of which we have been created for, that is extending good to others. This, therefore, makes us vessels of blessings. In GENESIS 22:17-18 Abraham became a vessel of blessing because of his seed that was to be a blessing to all the nations of the earth. If Abraham had withheld his good (seed of sacrifice) from the Lord he never could have received such a blessing. Beloved, we are to extend our good to others no matter how little or difficult it may seem. Do not overlook a sister or a brother in need. PROVERBS 3:28, further says “do not say to your neighbor, “go, and come back and tomorrow I will give it,” when you have it with you. To continuously remain a vessel of blessing you must continue to allow your good to flow into the lives of others. Failure to do so will as well stop the flow of goods coming to you.

It is, therefore, my prayer, that nothing stops you from withholding good from others and may good never be denied from you in Jesus name. God bless you as you remain steadfast in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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