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Fellowship with others and help serve the Lord with our Ministries. We have a variety to choose from below.

Women's Ministry

Women’s Ministry centers on meeting the spiritual needs of Christian women and helping them to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ. This ministry is responsible for coordinating and leading events specifically for women. Their primary goal is to assemble the women of the church to share time growing in their spiritual knowledge and love of God.

Women\'s Ministry

Youth Ministry

This ministry is responsible in planning and coordinating youth programs and activities inside and outside of the church. These activities are to be correlated with the activities of the church program organization in attaining objectives set forth by the church. An elected representative of the Youth Committee shall serve as a member of the Church Council.

Youth Ministry

Men's Ministry

Men’s Ministry centers on meeting the spiritual needs of Christian men and helping them to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ. This ministry is responsible for coordinating and leading events specifically for men. Their primary goal is to assemble the men of the church to share time growing in their spiritual knowledge and love of God to make a positive impact for this generation and those to come

Men Ministry

Music Ministry

This ministry plans and evaluates the music program of the church, in the formation of choirs in the church and planning special musical programs throughout the year. It is responsible for recommending people for the positions of pianist and organist, song leader, and in assisting the pastor with special music in the regular and other services of the church. In the event that a music director is needed as a staff of the church, this ministry looks for a qualified persons to be recommended to this position, which requires approval by the church.

Music Ministry

Media Ministry

This ministry is dedicated to augmenting the hearing of the Gospel and spreading it abroad—whether through work behind the scenes or in front of a camera, for people sitting in the pews or at their computers in other countries—using a variety of media tools. Members of this committee participate in the worship services by controlling sound, recording services for radio broadcast and showing video.

Media Ministry

Intercessory Ministry

This ministry is a group led by a minister that has direct counsel and knowledge of specific areas of concern in the church. The committee is committed to fostering a greater emphasis on personal and corporate prayer in the life of the believer and the church. This ministry will pray for the pastors, the families of the church, the community, state, nation and our world. To pray always for the growth and unity of the Church and for the Pastor/General Overseer of the Ministry and his leadership team

Intercessory Ministry


“But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.” ‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭2:9‬ ‭ESV‬‬

Hospitality and Welfare Ministry

This committee is designed to ensure the welfare of the church members and community. This committee will organize the distribution of food items periodically to the poor, the needy and the less privileged within the church and community. They will visit and encourage Church members who are sick, depressed, discouraged or bereaved. This committee is to liaise with other heads of ministry groups in caring for the needs of their committed members. This committee will mobilize support from the Church to minister to the needs of committed members of the Church.

Hospitality Ministry

Usher/Protocol Ministry

This department of the church is very important. They are the "front line", therefore will be one of the first impressions of this ministry. This ministry warmly welcomes guests and regular attendees as they arrive to church services. The Usher Department serves as the church doorkeepers to ensure that worshippers feel welcome and assist the Pastor by maintaining reverence and order so members and visitors may receive the message.

Usher Ministry

Ordinance Ministry

This committee shall assist the pastor in preparing for the two ordinances of the church. The members of this committee shall be responsible for preparing the candidates and the baptistery for the ordinance of baptism and will prepare the elements of the Lord's Supper.

Ordinance Ministry

Social and Recreation Ministry

This ministry shall be responsible for all social and recreation activities of the church, formulating policies and supervising the services rendered to the church through the kitchen and promoting regular church functions to build the fellowship of the church.

Social Ministry

Kitchen Ministry

This committee shall have general supervision of the supplies, equipment, and use of the church kitchen suggesting to the church rules and regulations as they deem wise. It shall enforce policies necessary to properly maintain the kitchen in a clean, orderly, and acceptable condition.

Kitchen Ministry

Outreach/Evangelism Ministry

This committee is under the immediate leadership of the pastor. He forms a committee to develop and implement a strategy for effective programs of community evangelism outreach such as visitation; Bible studies in homes, offices, places of works; special evangelistic meetings inside and outside of the church; and other needed programs to reach people with the gospel. This committee is also responsible for planning training events for soul-winning, as well as the production or securing evangelistic printed materials to be used by the church.

Evangelism Ministry

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